How it Works

You can register a pod or request a tutor. Once we have received your information – age, grade, academic focus – our team will match your pod or child(ren) to a trained facilitator, all of whom have been background-checked and have extensive experience in childcare and/or education. You also have the benefit of your facilitator being supported and supervised by our Pod Concierge. Our unique facilitator supervision model ensures the quality of your child’s learning. It also means less work for you.

Learning Pods ATL groups will meet daily for 5 hours with optional add-on afternoon care. We require a $100/child non-refundable deposit and a one-month commitment.

Because we intend to keep pods at only 4-5 students, we are well-equipped to match families who are practicing similar levels of COVID-19 safety. Our staff will be masked and practicing social distancing measures. We are confident that we are offering your family a safe and customized experience.

Our staff will arrive at the Learning Pod’s home base location equipped with sensory activities and fun extracurricular materials to supplement the pods’ virtual school program. These will be utilized by the students during “recess” and “break” times. Each pod will follow a unique schedule that integrates the schedule set by the home school(s) of its participants and the developmental needs of the pod participants.

The role of our facilitators will also be to create a sense of joy and normalcy in the lives of young people whose schedules, sense of routines, and social outlets have all been disrupted. The maintenance of a schedule and the construction of joyful experiences are the most crucial elements of our facilitators’ daily duties.  Through play, well-executed and clear navigation of virtual school curriculums, and developmentally-appropriate communications with all members of the pod, our facilitators endeavor to help children thrive.

How to register a Pod

  1. Find 4 other children who want to be in your Learning Pod. We recommend being sure your pod members are all following similar health and safety practices.
  2. Decide whose house your Learning Pod will use as home base (you can change it from week to week, if needed).
  3. Fill out this form so we can match your pod with the right facilitator.
  4. Once matched, each family will register their own child to complete the process.

Find a Tutor:

  1. Fill out this form to let us know more about your child(ren), where you live, and your child’s academic needs.
  2. We will match you with a Learning Pod tutor who has expertise in the needed subject matter and with students your child’s age.
  3. Complete your child’s registration process using a link we will email you.