COVID-19 Health & Safety Precaution Levels

In order to match you with others for pod placement, please let us know which of these groups best describes your family.

Risk Group 1:
Our family is continuing to shelter in place and are observing strict social distancing guidelines: 

  • All groceries and essentials are delivered via mail or delivery services 
  • Caregivers are working from home 
  • All socializing is outside, at least 6 feet apart, usually with masks on

Risk Group 2:
Our family is mostly staying at home, but have started doing the following: 

  • Grocery shopping 
  • Eat at restaurants outside only 
  • Participate in some outside activities with a select group of people/families 
  • Caregivers are working from home 

Risk Group 3:
Our family has started participating in more activities, but we continue to be selective/cautious: 

  • Have a “quaranteam” that might include indoor time with the “quaranteam” 
  • Have gotten haircuts or other beauty services 
  • Children are playing more contact sports, such as basketball and football 
  • Swim at a public pool 
  • Caregivers might work in the office 

Risk Group 4:
Our family is not restrictive about activities: 

  • Eat at restaurants/bars inside 
  • Work out at gyms 
  • Attend events with large numbers of people